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2012-03-25 17:50:07 by joeydestroyer

this is to replace my old profile message bullshit,

anyway hello, i am joeydestroyer and i draw shit!
well its a little bit more than that. i draw stuff (naw really?) while either high, for school, or while my oxygen deprived brain has a stroke of brillience while i dive in the local YMCA. (you'd be surbrised how much stuff people drop in those pools) i like to draw, and i like weed, so naturaly two worlds colide and i get awesome stuff. anyway my first piece is being uploaded now...
see ya soon!


2009-12-20 17:49:42 by joeydestroyer

well first...ok ok ik now il get to the holidays later........ i got in a fight at school awile back.......the guy socked my right in the nose then i riped open his nutsack LITARAL although now my friends are scared of me im just abou tthe easyiest going man ul find in blakely though i dont get angry much at all,sucks when i do,i forgot to menchen he had a knife,did'nt use it though,OH WAIT i forgot about the holidays anyways HAPPY HOLIDAYS TOM, all together now jingle-bells-jingle-bells-jingle-jingl e-all-tha-way!oh what fun it is to ride in one horse open slay! HEY! jingle bells jingle bells jingle all-tha-way OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way oh what fun it is to ride ina SLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AYYYYYYY adness
check'et out!!!

from this text down id like to in for you it is about me
first i love half life 2 origanal eps.1 &2. favorite scene is water hazard ( awesome air boat man AWESOME.)
nexti just recently notict a message in my in box........makayleib................. id like to adress u now. NEXT againi am a white american u can see my name in mystatus.
from her down is my likes
first gordon freeman and half life 2,overlord the vidgame,my NEW SCOPED RIFLE blot action and pump action hell yea

thats about it......... can stop at any time now.duh nah nah nah nah nah-nah-nah nuh nuh nah we will rock you nah nah nah we are the devi-stat-ors dah nah nah naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh ( heavy metal rock solo whilst this is being sung: wah ah ah ahhhhhhh u can not scare the devistah FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLSSS) ( thena whight band shows up on the other side of the stage and yells: SAVIOR AH HAHA HAAAAA) ( then they start sword fighting then one (the savior)pulls a gun and shoots the other (hank j. wembilton) in the hed and then allof the suden the devistator jumps in from nowhere( devistator ins a giant mech that has horse shue feet and a ninja body,legs,arms,and head, with a whight ember sword) and starts swiping the savior qand then picks him up and drips his bloody remains into the blood thirst adiance and yells the madness has only began.......